About Me

Let me tell you my story…

My name is Kyle Knab, and currently i’m a real estate investor/ entrepreneur and the owner of Monumental Properties USA. I’m not a big shot hedge fund CEO. I’m just a normal guy, raised with a great work ethic in a great family setting with an enormous passion for helping others. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and am a big sports fan and extreme sports junky. I grew up traveling the country to snowboard and have a passion for motocross. I also enjoy fishing, camping and travel.

So now you’r probably wondering: Why invest in and sell vacant land?

Traveling around, I saw tons of unique and beautiful landscapes. I always wondered, how can I own my own piece of this beautiful country to camp, fish, ride atv’s/dirt bikes or build my own dream home/cabin. The problem was that it’s extremely difficult to figure out how to buy raw land. Once I figured out where to look, usually dealing with a giant brokerage company or website with horrendous customer service. Then appeared another problem. Usually land is very expensive and I didn’t have the cash to buy property outright. I went to several banks to apply for a loan and was turned down every time. It wasn’t because I had bad credit, my credit score is excellent. Banks just don’t like to lend people money to buy raw land. I decided then and there that, there has to be a better way to do this. There has to be some way to purchase land without a ton of cash.

So I decided to solve this problem myself:

Long story short, over the years I have perfected a system and unique way to acquire very affordable land. I want to solve the problem I had, for everyone like me that is interested in purchasing land. My business model allows me to act as a lender and offer financing options to purchase raw land from me. I am striving to change the land buying experience and allow everyone the opportunity to purchase there own piece of this beautiful Country!